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Why NM Ménage?

N.M. Ménage is renowned in the residential cleaning industry.
If you are looking for a business opportunity that requires only a small investment and that offers a great potential of unlimited growth, then N.M. Ménage wants to know you!
Learn how to become a member of our big franchisee family by starting your own business today.


We are looking for engaged and motivated owners that are willing to take part in the daily operation of their franchise. Unlike most of the other franchisors, we do no require our candidates to have previous experience in business or in our industry.
By basing ourselves on a proven formula that leads to success, we are specialised in helping our new franchise owners to become successful like so many have done before them.

Prequest process

Once you have decided ton learn more about this unique and stimulating business, contact our Quebec Franchise representative at (514) 885-2233.

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